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World / 16 days ago
Google Grovels in the Glam of the Big Apple: Appeals for More, Because Global Domination isn't Enough
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Google's insatiable ambition knows no bounds as it sets its sights on dominating the Big Apple, leaving no stone unturned in its quest for global domination. Is world improvement on its agenda, or is this just another move in its master-class on corporate avarice? Stay tuned to find out.
In what could only be perceived as a modest understatement, Google, the multi-billion-dollar tech giant, has decided that world domination isn't enough to quench its insatiable ambition. The tech behemoth has now set its sights on expanding its reign in the hub of commerce and culture, the almighty Big Apple. Google, whose parent company's market capitalization is significantly higher than many countries' GDP, is trying to mark its territory more acutely in one of the world's most influential cities, New York. Yes, you heard right, folks. Google wants more! In a display of humility only rivaled by a hungry lion eyeing its next meal, some high-ranking Google execs are actually "begging" (yes, literally on their knees—well, figuratively speaking, but you get the drift) for the extra slice of the Apple. "With infinite internet power, seemingly unlimited resources, and the uncanny ability to control the world's information, you'd think that we'd be content. But hey, the dessert is just too tempting." lamented one executive, who asked not to be named because... well, who wouldn't be embarrassed about displaying such insatiable greed? "In essence, us googling more offices in New York, 'cause, world domination has started to feel kinda blah, you know?" the Google suit added. Currently, Google, which is known to change its algorithms more frequently than some people change clothes, has laid claim to various plush and insanely spacious offices that could put the extravagant mansions of various small town-slickers to shame. Desperately seeking more, Google has started to look like the tech-world's embodiment of Oliver Twist - albeit one that could buy out the entire workhouse. The company, known for its informal motto "Don't be evil," (which was sneakily replaced with “Do the right thing” in 2015), seems to be following its own unique interpretation of what constitutes the 'right thing.’ By golly, with their monopolistic desires, one might be lulled into thinking 'evil' could be subjective after all. On being asked why Google wants more, the representative, who was feigning modesty so well that a bystander almost started applauding his acting skills, stated, "We're just a humble tech company seeking to make the world a better place. If that means we need to take over all of New York, so be it." The multi-billion dollar question remains - Is Google's thirst for the Big Apple part of its quest for world improvement? Or is it merely another move in the tech giant's master-class on corporate avarice? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for more updates as we deconstruct Google's megalomaniacal moves disguised as 'making information universally accessible and useful'. And remember, every time you use Google, you're helping a small, 'struggling' tech company make its dreams come true. How's that for feel-good news?
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