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California Rolls Out the Unwelcome Mat: Protestors Organize 'Meet and Greet' with Hamas!
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California Takes Protest to a New Level with Hamas Meet and Greet Extravaganza!
In an event meant to rival the star-studded glamour of the Oscars or the Golden Globes, California has today broken the monotony of quarantine life by organizing a saucy meat (or should we say, meet) and greet with none other than Hamas, the Palestinian political and military organization. Californians, known for their love for unusual happenings, are gearing up for this extravaganza. For a moment, forget about red-carpet walk-ins, and imagine the goosebump-inducing sight of military fatigues against the backdrop of sunny, sandy beaches. Isn't it just what Hollywood storylines are made of? But wait, there’s more! On the day California decided to swap usual protest placards for rainbow-colored peace balloons, local falafel food trucks have been busy dolling up to be part of this Hamas meet and greet gala. Seamless fusion food with a side of tense geopolitics - just another Californian Tuesday! The brainchild behind this extraordinary event, Santa Monica artist and peace activist Daisy Chains, spoke about the initiative, “Be it the whale watching season or an intermingling of cultures, California has always been on the forefront. This is just another string in our multi-cultural bonnet.” As it turns out, Hamas are just as impatient to attend the event. Who could resist the allure of Californian sunshine, surfing lessons, and the prospect of protesters welcoming them? I mean, we're talking about a group whose social calendar isn't exactly filled up with invitations to cocktail parties or winter balls. But not everyone is thrilled about the idea – we’re looking at you, Aunt Betty. Critics say this event blends the wrong ingredients - mixing sunblock with armored tanks and sound bombs with surf boards. Ross Righteous, a nuclear family man residing in the suburbs of LA shared his worries, "I cannot imagine letting my Timmy going for a playdate with Hamas. The boys will have way too much fun!" Just to add a dash of flamboyance to this concoction of quirky Californian protests, Daisy Chains plans on wearing her custom-made gown – a blend of satin and khaki colored as Pacific Ocean meeting Gaza Strip. “It’s all about building bridges", she added. "C'mon, can you imagine what a fantastic Instagram post that would be?" Whom do we credit for this unorthodox social fest? California, as always. The state where prospects of sharing smoothies with Hamas isn’t as outrageous as it sounds, but instead an appreciated break from the monotony of lockdown selfie session. Disclaimer: Hamas or any other organized group weren’t harmed or taken aback while the conceptualization of this meet and greet fantasy. Also, if somebody from Hamas is reading this - don't get your hopes up, it's satire! The Californians would rather do a silent disco with bears on the Yosemite trail.
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