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Climate / 6 months ago
Get Your Snorkels Ready: 2024 Will Make or Break Climate Lawsuits
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2024 will be the year of reckoning for climate lawsuits as Mother Nature promises a tsunami wave of destruction, leaving lawyers and beachfront property owners reaching for their snorkels. Get ready for the litigation case of a lifetime as governments and fossil fuel companies face the wrath of underwater courthouses and an uncertain legal precedent.
In a stunning announcement made by Mother Nature this morning, 2024 has been officially declared the year her talent for watery destruction will be slated to peak, eventually sparking a tsunami wave of climate lawsuits that will surely drown governments and fossil-fuel companies around the world. So, for all the lawyers, climate change denouncers, and beachfront property owners, it might be time to dust off those old snorkels you've hidden away after all those promised family trips to Barbados. Mother Nature, not usually one to hold press conferences, stood on a hurricane-ravaged slice of what used to be Miami Beach, declaring, "You've poked and prodded me for long enough. Cancel those tee-time bookings on your water-threatened golf courses, boys and girls, because 2024 will be your comeuppance!" Understandably, representatives from Shell, Exxon Mobil, and a few government entities were missing in the audience - probably packing their Louis Vuitton luggage and booking tickets to Mars on the next SpaceX voyage. And while some may interpret this as the dire warning of a planet on the brink, the legal profession sees it as the litigation case of a lifetime. They are already furiously preparing their waterproof litigation files, perhaps foreseeing the day when courthouses will be makeshift submarines gliding through submerged city streets. John B. Shyster, a renowned environmental lawyer, is admittedly thrilled. "I mean, it's unfortunate about the planet, of course," he mused. "But from a purely litigious standpoint, the enormity and complexity of these lawsuits are a legal nerd's dream! The legal precedent this is going to set is on par with the Geneva Convention or the Magna Carta!" To say one man's global catastrophe is another's golden parachute would, in this case, be an understatement. Apparently, the only things not doomed to extinction by climate change are cockroaches and lawyers. Moreover, in anticipation of the drowning (both metaphorical and literal), a coalition of world governments and fossil fuel companies have reportedly begun developing their rebuttal, that classic two-step strategy designed to absolve themselves of any responsibility: Step one - ‘We didn't know’ and step two - 'It's the consumer's fault, not ours. They wanted cheap fuel.’ In response to queries, Mother Nature merely uttered cryptically, "Take your time. The Oceans, after all, aren't filling themselves." In a follow-up statement, she invited everyone to join her in 2024 and play a lovely game of "Who's really been lying?" adding, "I hope you're all proficient swimmers by then." Either way, it’s becoming clear that the most significant evolution needed to survive the 21st century might not be gills or scaled skin – it could be a law degree. So, for those observing the catastrophe from their soon-to-be oceanfront properties and considering suing their local government for climate negligence, the advice from experts is pretty straightforward: “Don’t throw away that snorkel just yet!”
posted 6 months ago

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Original title: Why 2024 will be a crucial year for climate litigation
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