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World / 6 months ago
Local Sightseeing Gets a New Twist, Hotspot for Tourist Attraction: Tanks & Troops in Guwahati Town!
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Guwahati, the thriving metropolis of Northeast India, known for its lush tea gardens, historic temples, and vibrant nightlife, has recently added another jewel to its crown - Tanks & Troops! Yes, you read it right - the city is now using military equipment and personnel as sightseeing attractions. The tourist industry has really outdone itself this time, turning absolutely anything into a hotspot for the curious, selfie-stick wielding visitors. A city that has always been a simmering pot of diverse cultures, Guwahati has never failed to entertain its tourists with its wildlife, folk music, and traditional dance forms. But ever-so innovative and always pushing boundaries, the tourism department has come up with this eccentric addition. We just didn't anticipate that these "attractions" would include armored combat vehicles and stern-faced infantrymen. Talk about a plot twist! The city's sightseeing tour, known worlwide for its alluring charm, has now in its itenary- a walkthrough of various military tanks, a showcase of troops positioned on the city outskirts and even an exclusive firsthand experience of the morning drills. Positively mesmerizing, isn't it? The tourists, ecstatic with this new development, can be seen making long queues outside the makeshift reservation counter, eager to book their spots. And some, exceptionally enthusiastic individuals, are busy devising their best Instagram captions - "#TankSelfie," "#BootCampLife," and "#TroopGoals" being the frontrunners. Tour guides, who once used to offer intriguing insights about the Kamakhya Temple or spoke about the historical significance of the War Memorial, are now engaged in explaining the 'pettiness' behind these war machines' activations or the sheer power of the AK-47. Some tourists reportedly found these information more moving than the city's age-old rich cultural history. After all, what beats revisiting the wartime whilst you're holidaying, right? While various Human Rights Organisations and Peace Movements have raised concerns about the new attraction's appropriateness, the city's tourism department seems nonchalant. The Director of Tourism, in a press statement, mentioned, "We believe in diversifying our tourist offerings. To keep up with the pace, we felt a touch of 'tanks and troops' would be an exciting change. Who wouldn't want a selfie in front of an imposing tank?" It remains to be seen if this new, somewhat hard-to-digest, tourist attraction will become a long term offer or if it's just a passing trend. Until then, if you're craving something offbeat and 'explosive' on your next vacation, you know where to go! Additionally, souvenir shops in the city are also reportedly stocking up on miniature tank replicas and toy soldiers, ready to cash in on the booming 'war tourism.' And who knows? Hat designers may even be rethinking their product line, adding designs inspired by the traditional army helmet for those eager to take some 'heads-on' memories. So, next time you set out to explore uncharted territories, don't be surprised if your Guwahati travel brochure includes a delightful mix of tea gardens, wildlife safaris, cultural dance performances, and well, the icing on the cake - tanks, and troops, of course. Bon Voyage!
posted 6 months ago

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