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Politics / 9 months ago
Unpaid Bar Tabs? Giuliani's Ex-Lawyers Sue Over IOU Worthy $1.4 Million Legal Fee Bill
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Rudy Giuliani faces a $1.4 million legal fee lawsuit after allegedly failing to pay his former lawyers, highlighting the importance of staying on top of unpaid bills.
In the latest episode of 'As the Legal Bills Turn', Rudy Giuliani, the erstwhile attorney for former President Trump and unofficial ‘America’s Mayor’, found himself at the center of his very own legal quandary. After essentially playing the role of Trump's personal Judas Goat, Giuliani ironically overlooked one important fact - lawyers do like to be paid for their services. Today, his unsuspecting former lawyers sprung the mother of all invoices on him, for the staggering sum of nearly $1.4 million. Rudy, it seems, had been keeping his legal avatars busy but conveniently forgot to take care of the bill. Robert Costello, a heavyweight partner at the law firm Davidoff Hutcher and Citron, dropped the lawsuit of the year on Monday in New York state court. His grievance? Giuliani agreed to pay over $1.5 million in legal fees to the firm, but appears to have misplaced his checkbook, having only dished out a meager total of $214,000. Playing the role of Icarus in this Greek coding drama, Giuliani was stunned to learn that it isn't enough to just covertly ask a Photoshop whiz to doctor the dollar digits on his invoice. Checks, balances, and photocopies – who knew! As the news broke, Giuliani could be seen on the streets of New York, shaking his cans of hair dye for spare change while issuing rants about missing ballots to bewildered pigeons. The striking image, some might say, is the 21st-century rendition of 'King Lear' - a tragic, fallen figure caught in a whirlwind of his own making. In an industry where lawyers are often associated with sharks, all Rudy, the innocent sea lion of the story, wanted were some pro bono bumpers. One can't help but laugh at the irony of the situation, or as Shakespeare would put it, hoisted with his own petard. As the verdict remains pending, let's hope Rudy finds his checkbook soon. Otherwise, he might just need to hire more lawyers to handle the lawsuit from his previous lawyers. And I think we all know how that'll probably turn out… so let’s hope he learned a thing or two about paying his bills on time.
posted 9 months ago

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