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World / 10 months ago
Denver Plays Santa Claus, Tosses Out Economic Aid like Confetti!
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Denver's government plays Santa Claus, showering the city with economically unsound financial aid, leaving skeptics questioning their fiscal responsibility and understanding of basic economics. Get ready to witness the absurdity of Denver's newest political theater.
Hark! The city of Denver has finally decided to stop pretending it's an administrative body and has instead switched roles to play Santa Claus. The government, in yet another display of absolute failure at understanding basic concepts of economics, has decided to air-drop a mound of economically unsound and fiscally irresponsible bags of financial aid with seemingly no restraint or responsible understanding of where it comes from. Someone, somewhere, might call it holiday cheer. We think it’s an early April Fool's joke. In the city's dramatic roleplay of a crazed Kris Kringle on a fiscal bender, Denver officials, in their silk suits and crisp political clichés, have brazenly chosen to toss out economic aid like confetti at a hastily thrown ticker-tape parade celebrating who knows what. Are they returning savings accidentally accumulated during the pandemic? Or perhaps they're trying to buy love and votes with our own tax dollars? Pessimists might argue, 'Economic aids are a necessity!' They’ll reason that the pandemic has left their wallets emptier than a politician's promise. And to them, we say, sure! Why not reward yourself for sitting at home binging Netflix and baking sourdough bread? After all, this is American capitalism, isn’t it? Where the loss of money for some magically becomes windfall for others minus the effort. Here, there is no need to worry about financial management! Forget that Denver, like every other city on this planet, has a finite budget to pay for its ever-growing list of infrastructure needs, public services, or even that looming government employee pension burden. Who needs infrastructure or public workers when we can plaster a Band-Aid of fiscal relief on those slowly festering financial wounds? Even if it's for a pandemic relief, the question remains - are we not supposed to be adults who take responsibility for our own lives? Are we not supposed to plan for emergencies and unexpected situations? If your pool of savings is as shallow as your understanding of a budget, isn’t it time to take a hard look in the mirror? But of course, the city's game of Santa Claus conveniently panders this new trend of pushing off individual responsibility onto the government. Rightfully so, one must ask why Denver officials chose to play Santa Claus rather than the Tooth Fairy. It could be because their understanding of finance is as real as those mythical characters they seem to be emulating. Or perhaps nature simply abhors a vacuum and so do political theatrics. So, pull up a chair and witness the spectacular absurdity of Denver's newest form of political theater - as the city plays Santa Claus, tossing undeserved presents into our laps with reckless financial abandon. One can only hope that when the city’s coffers run dry, Denver has also planned to take a part-time job impersonating the Easter Bunny for yet another round of magical finance tricks. Or perhaps strike oil under the Denver Capitol, because heaven knows they’ll need another miracle when this charade comes crashing down.
posted 10 months ago

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