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World / 6 months ago
Kangaroos Beware! Big Industry, Australia Lock Hands in Cozy Horsham Rendezvous!
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Industry leaders and government join forces in Horsham summit to address kangaroo intrusion, sparking debate and hope for peaceful resolution in the land Down Under.
In an unprecedented move that has kangaroos hopping mad, Australia's top industry leaders have teamed up with the federal government for an unscheduled powwow in Horsham, Victoria, known affectionately by locals as "the capital of Big Industry inventory checks". The intended goal of this exclusive Horsham ritual, according to the organisers, is to give a gentle, affectionate, yet firm 'nudge' to the nation's kangaroo population about the benefits of not bouncing their way into factories, warehouses or even urban homes. By practising a little self-restraint, kangaroos can contribute significantly to the reduction in stock damage and ensure adequate snooze time for surprised and disoriented city dwellers. "It's not that we don't love kangaroos," Donna Switch, spokesperson for Big Industry Alliance, told Aunty Emu's Australian Newsletter in an exclusive interview. "On the contrary, we'd like them to continue gracing our national emblem. But, a little discipline wouldn't hurt, would it?" Reacting to the news, Horsham's famously aggressive boxing kangaroo, Rowdy Roo, delivered a swift uppercut to a patch of air and said, "They reckon we're causing mayhem to their operations, but has anyone considered the hopping nightmares we endure when their stuff invades OUR open spaces?” This illustrious roundtable in Horsham will see a host of industry heavyweights along with the explicitly clever government officials deeply engrossed in their study of the wallaby way, and the smaller, quieter town's local macropods have taken a keen interest too. One presumes they're ensuring that no underhanded, behind-the-bush tactics are being hopped up by their larger, more impatient counterparts. Notably absent from the guest list were representatives of the Kangaroo Defence League (KDL). Reg Munch, KDL's spokesperson and renowned carpet cleaner, took a break from his Rug Doctor to condemn the actions of the Big Industry and government. "They’re just downright un-Australian, that’s what they are!” he said, furiously spritzing a stubborn stain. Mr Munch's sentiments are echoed by revered kangaroo whisperer, Sheila Skippy, who is rumoured to hold nightly consultations with the kangaroo collective. She said, "Everyone thinks kangaroos are the culprits. But who's taking over whose land, really?" The summit, scheduled amidst the lush fields of the Outback, will also feature a strategy session on appropriate handling of factory-hopping kangaroos followed by a day-long workshop titled "Polka-Dot Tie: An Excellent Deterrent or Just a Fashion Statement?". While it remains unclear who invited the wombat delegation, it is certain that the summit will be nothing short of entertaining. So, here's hoping the attendees spring into positive action and, more importantly, the kangaroos of Australia get the memo... in Kangarooese, of course.
posted 6 months ago

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