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World / 6 months ago
Local Firefighter Mistakes Extinguisher for Wrecking Ball, Redefines the Term 'Property Damage'
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Unconventional firefighting tactics redefine 'property damage' as local firefighter swings extinguisher like a wrecking ball in hilarious yet chaotic incident.
In a twistof events that seem to have jumped straight out of a Saturday Night Live skit, a firefighter in Smalltown, USA left locals gasping for breath, partially due to his heroics, but mainly because they were laughing so hard. This incident caused a redefinition of the term 'property damage' as a firefighter mistook an extinguisher for a wrecking ball. Firefighter Harry "Hulk" Morton, known in his department for a combination of sheer determination and legendary lack of grace, spectacularly lived up to his reputation. Morton was dispatched to deal with a modest stove fire at local delicatessen, 'Bagels & Biscuits'. On arrival, misjudging the extend of the threat and his own strength, Morton swung his fire extinguisher XCAL5000 (or known amongst few as "The Annihilator") with such incredible force that it knocked the entire storefront clean. Witnesses report that Morton didn't stop there. Appearing unaware of the destruction he had just caused, he continued his decimation routine inside the building causing further damage. Displaying an unconventional interpretation of his duty to protect the community, he subsequently eliminated the threat to the fridge, the cash register, and even a collection of vintage Elvis Presley mugs - all valiantly destroyed in the line of duty. "I couldn't believe my eyes," said bagel enthusiast and part-time bird watcher, Agnes Abernathy. "One minute I was deciding between sesame or everything, and the next, there was a whirlwind of metal and cream cheese. The bagels didn’t stand a chance." Tom "The Baker" Leavenworth, owner of the beloved local bagelry, was surprisingly upbeat about the whole event. "Sure, it's chaos now, but think of the publicity! We'll have our grand re-opening with Hulk-themed bagels. A little cream cheese, a little drywall - it's all edible." Morton is due to attend a departmental hearing to answer for his unconventional firefighting tactics, although Chief Fire Officer, Bernie "The Flame" Farnsworth, stated: "While we don't usually endorse using the XCAL5000 "The Annihilator" to uproot buildings, we must acknowledge that there was, technically, no more fire by the end of it. Maybe 'Hulk' is on to something." As the news broke, throughout the nation, countless jaws dropped and eyebrows raised, while hands clutched stomachs in fits of laughter. The incident left 'property damage' under a new light and local residents with one unforgettable story. Thus, in the annals of firefighting history, let it be known that the day "Hulk" Morton mistook his extinguisher for a wrecking ball, he didn't just fight a fire, he declared war.
posted 6 months ago

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Original title: Firefighter Destroy property something
exmplary article: https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/woman-arrested-after-landlord-finds-several-elderly-people-living-her-waste-filled-basement/7YFDZ2DKUZCKPESNYXBWOC4354/

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